Montag, 14. Juli 2014

TASTE OF SUMMER. quick & easy recipes.

 Apple - Carrot - Salad.


- 375g yoghurt

- 5 tbsp olive oil

- 1 tbsp salt

- 10 tbsp lemon juice

- 500g carrots

- 500g apples


get a little bowl for preparing the dressing.

in with the yoghurt, and then squeeze in the lemon juice. (i did it by instinct)

olive oil.

get your carrots and apples and peel. (btw, I made the salad just for 2, so don't be confused by the amount of ingredients ;))

grate everything. 

mix the dressing with the carrot-apple salad.


It really doesn't take long to make this salad, I would say about 15 minutes. You don't need many ingredients, most of them you'll probably have at home. It tastes really, really good and also refreshing - so it's perfect for the summertime. TRY IT :) 

Chocolate - Cranberry - Granola.


- 50g dark chocolate (70%)

- 25g honey or maple syrup 

- 250g oatmeal

- 50g grated coconut or almonds

- 1 tbsp cocoa 

- cinnamon

- 100g dried cranberries

melt chocolate over boiling water.

until this consistency.

add the honey. 

mix dry ingredients.

oatmeal, cocoa, cinnamon and grated coconut/almonds. 

add the melted chocolate. I can't describe how delicious this looks, even on the pictures!! haha :) 

HEAVEN!! okay, enough with the melted chocolate pictures ;) moving on....

last one...;) 

mix. first I tried it with a spoon - totally failed, so I used my hands. messy, but definitely easier. ;)

spreading on baking sheet. 

into the oven - 150°C, 20 minutes.

in the meantime you can cut the cranberries into smaller pieces. 

the smell of the finished chocolate granola = AMAZING!! 

mix cranberries with finished chocolate granola. 

get an airtight glass and fill it in.

If you're an oatmeal/cereal/granola - lover like me, this is definitely a recipe for you!
It is so easy and definitely not unhealthy. Unless you make it with milk chocolate or white chocolate and go crazy with the sugar and honey ;) You can use other dried fruits if you don't like cranberries. 
In my opinion, it tastes the best if you add some tablespoons of it into your normal cereal or cornflakes. Wouldn't eat it alone, because of the sweetness, but you have to decide it for yourself ;)

I would say : go and make your own chocolate - cranberry - granola and get enchanted by the amazing smell of the chocolate-coconut mix. <3

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