Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Collecting moments. L O N D O N 2 0 1 4.

On August 31th, a very exciting journey starts for me. It's not only the fact that I am going to LONDON, one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world, but also the fact that I am doing it on my own. It's my first flight alone. My first time in a foreign city for a month. Of course, I won't be on my own because I am travelling with EF (Education First) and I will meet a lot of people, but I decided to do this by myself and it wasn't an easy decision for me. Nevertheless, I am so happy, excited and nervous at the same time. Right now, I can not wait to get into my plane but I am sure that a few days before my departure I'll also have a queasy feeling. 

Okay, I stop explaining right now, because I will report all experiences during this trip on my blog anyway :) So, stay tuned and you'll definitely be up-to-date. ;)

Because London is known as an expensive city, I wrote down a list with places I absolutely want to visit and where/what I want to shop. Next to all the major tourist attractions like: the London Eye or the Buckingham Palace I want to explore other sides of the city. Hidden streets with little shops and cafés. Experience London's nightlife. Meeting people. Check out my lists below! 

c u r r e n t  c r a v i n g s

Since I don't know if everything (on the picture below) will be available when I'll be there, it should just represent an overview over the products I'd like to buy. I'm so looking forward to VICTORIA's SECRET! For fashion items, I want to go to TOPSHOP, BOOTS, NEW LOOK and URBAN OUTFITTERS. I'm already putting back some money and stopping myself from going shopping in Vienna. ;)

I've never been to the Whole Foods Market or the other restaurants I've listed here, but Ive seen so many pictures. Ive heard that you can make your own cashew/pistachio butter at WFM. All in all, they have so much to offer. Fresh fruits and juices, salads, healthy soups, bakery at Whole Foods Market. I think this will be my paradise

LEON is basically a healthy fast food restaurant. You can eat there or you take your meal to-go. I checked out their homepage and everything looks amazing. So many different salads, burgers and wraps. Im sure Ill buy my lunch there quite often. ;)

I cant wait to take a walk through Notting Hill. The area is so charming, and there's plenty to see and do.

When I first went to London, we couldnt make it to Camden Market, so I will definitely visit the market this time. Im very excited about it.

 NOW- I'm asking YOU. What did you love when you were in London? What places did you visit? Where did you eat? Which bars/clubs can you recommend? Or - when you live there, do you have any insider tips? Feel free to leave me many tips. I'd love to see as much as possible of this fantastic city.