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Montag, 28. Juli 2014

zucchini - banana - bread. Paleo.

It was the first time I tried out this recipe and it turned out really, really well. This bread is for everyone who likes juicy bread. The containing banana and zucchini make sure, that the bread doesn't get dry. For those who never heard of the "Paleolithic diet" - it's also called "caveman diet" or "Stone Age diet". It is based on the foods that were already available in the Paleolithic. You should consume mainly meat, fish, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, honey and you should avoid milk and dairy products - as well cereals, bread, and industrially processed foods.

I don't adjust my personal nutrition to the paleolithic diet completely, but I comply with certain parts of it. I hope you enjoy reading and watching and maybe I could inspire you to try out the recipe! :)


- 150g ground almonds

- 1,5 tsp Weinstein baking powder

- 3 eggs

- 1 banana

- 1 grated zucchini

- 1 tsp coconut oil

- 3 tsp honey

- 1 tsp cinnamon
preheat the oven (180°) and grease baking tin with coconut oil.

mix dry ingredients (almonds,cinnamon,baking powder, pinch of salt)

then mix eggs,banana,honey and coconut oil with a blender.

next: grate the zucchini. 

make sure that most of the liquid is gone. 

add it to the egg-honey-banana mixture.

add in dry ingredients.

put it into the greased baking tin and then into the oven for 30-40 minutes. 


Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

HAUL. (home decor & tableware)

Decorating is one of my passions. Therefore, I LOVE going shopping for home decor. Even if I don't find anything that day (which is hard to believe... ;)) I love strolling around in an home center for hours, just looking at things and imagine how I would decorate my own house/apartment. I could spend a DAY in an home center. I don't wanna know how crazy I'll get, if I can finally go shopping for my own apartment. :) 

Today, me and my mother went to MÖMAX (Vienna) and I found some really nice things. Scroll down, and take a look. ;)

pink-white spotted server. (6€)

round black-white patterned server. (8€) really don't know why I would need 2 different servers , but HEY, I couldn't make a decision because I loved the patterns so much. :(

2 storage tins. (2€)

big pastel pink mug. (4€)

2 13x18 white frames. (3€)

grey mousepad in snake design. (2€)

white storage box. (4€) 

little turquoise bowl. (2€)

I'm very happy with my purchase and I can't wait to use all of it. Do you know this feeling? You just can't wait to wear a t-shirt you just found in a shop or you just bought food and can't wait to cook it. 
Yes, you can also have this feeling with home decor. Let me know if you've had this feeling before. ;) 

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Collecting moments. L O N D O N 2 0 1 4.

On August 31th, a very exciting journey starts for me. It's not only the fact that I am going to LONDON, one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world, but also the fact that I am doing it on my own. It's my first flight alone. My first time in a foreign city for a month. Of course, I won't be on my own because I am travelling with EF (Education First) and I will meet a lot of people, but I decided to do this by myself and it wasn't an easy decision for me. Nevertheless, I am so happy, excited and nervous at the same time. Right now, I can not wait to get into my plane but I am sure that a few days before my departure I'll also have a queasy feeling. 

Okay, I stop explaining right now, because I will report all experiences during this trip on my blog anyway :) So, stay tuned and you'll definitely be up-to-date. ;)

Because London is known as an expensive city, I wrote down a list with places I absolutely want to visit and where/what I want to shop. Next to all the major tourist attractions like: the London Eye or the Buckingham Palace I want to explore other sides of the city. Hidden streets with little shops and cafés. Experience London's nightlife. Meeting people. Check out my lists below! 

c u r r e n t  c r a v i n g s

Since I don't know if everything (on the picture below) will be available when I'll be there, it should just represent an overview over the products I'd like to buy. I'm so looking forward to VICTORIA's SECRET! For fashion items, I want to go to TOPSHOP, BOOTS, NEW LOOK and URBAN OUTFITTERS. I'm already putting back some money and stopping myself from going shopping in Vienna. ;)

I've never been to the Whole Foods Market or the other restaurants I've listed here, but Ive seen so many pictures. Ive heard that you can make your own cashew/pistachio butter at WFM. All in all, they have so much to offer. Fresh fruits and juices, salads, healthy soups, bakery at Whole Foods Market. I think this will be my paradise

LEON is basically a healthy fast food restaurant. You can eat there or you take your meal to-go. I checked out their homepage and everything looks amazing. So many different salads, burgers and wraps. Im sure Ill buy my lunch there quite often. ;)

I cant wait to take a walk through Notting Hill. The area is so charming, and there's plenty to see and do.

When I first went to London, we couldnt make it to Camden Market, so I will definitely visit the market this time. Im very excited about it.

 NOW- I'm asking YOU. What did you love when you were in London? What places did you visit? Where did you eat? Which bars/clubs can you recommend? Or - when you live there, do you have any insider tips? Feel free to leave me many tips. I'd love to see as much as possible of this fantastic city. 

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

What I love at the moment. | JULY 2014.

" It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop. "

nailpolish "debby" color 28. (6€)  Never had a nailpolish that looks so good and stays perfectly for a week!!! 

So many people are recommending this mascara on the internet and I never believed that this should be the BEST mascara ever...but I must say: it's worth the price. (30€) 
Soap&Glory shower gel from DOUGLAS (10€) the smell is amazing!!!

coconut oil. heard so much about it and finally bought it. (quite expensive, but it will last relatively long 6€) 

F A S H I O N & A C C E S S O I R E S

1./3.. and 4. from PRIMARK (3€) ; 2. from ITALY ( 2€)

turquoise ring (package of 5 rings - 6€)  from H&M and necklace from Forever21. (4€)

white crop top/blouse from PULL & BEAR (15€)

Gilmore Girls DVD Season 3. I'm obsessed. I'm not lying - I've watched all seasons about 10 times. :) below, I've got some hilarious quotes from the best scenes.  

dumbbells (1kg and 1,5kg) for my workouts at home. 
delicious chocolate bars. couldn't get enough of them!!!
little obsession= Chupa Chups <3 strawberry + kiwi + gum.

 What did you love this month? Leave a comment below. :)

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014


September 2013. Vienna. 5 am.

Our super early flight from Vienna to Barcelona was good, no circumstances, and no delay. A perfect start. From the airport we took a train into the city. Luckily we arrived at the station, we thought was near to our hotel. All we had was a map. No navigation on our phones. After crossing the same streets for the 100th time and running around in circles we decided to take a taxi. We had luck ,it was relatively cheap. The first impression of our hotel was very good. Everything was modern and clean. The only negative aspect was the view  - a wall. Nevertheless, we decided to explore the surroundings and get something to eat. After lunch, we bought our Sightseeing-bus-tickets (it’s called “Hop-on-hop-off”) and our city tour started.

First stop: Placa d’Espanya.

Next, we came to the harbour, where we found the shopping center “maremagnum” and inside: my heaven. We spotted a BEN& JERRY’s ice cream counter. It was amazing. We didn’t go into any shops. Instead, we continued strolling by the harbour and enjoyed the sea, the palm trees and the sun.

After an early breakfast , we hopped on our sightseeing bus and chose our route for the day. Firstly we drove by the La Pedrera and decided that we wanted to take a closer look. When we arrived we already saw the long line in front of the house. However, we still wanted to go in/up. After climbing up the 10293743 stairs, we were amazed by the great view over Barcelona. Take a look.

Not very far from La Pedrera we found cute litte cafés and restaurants. Our lunch at “Le pain quotidien was lovely.

Feeling vitalized again, our journey went on. Of course, we wanted to see the Park Güell. The architecture of this park is amazing. So colourful. Certainly, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona. There were so many people. Got a little bit exhausting while taking pictures but we tried our best. :)

In the evening, we decided to drive to the harbour again and have some diner. We had little ordination problems, so it was hard for us to find something that wasn’t too fancy and expensive. In the end we ate 
in a little restaurant by the main “shopping street”(if you can call it that) wasn’t the best, but it was ok.


Last day, so we wanted to make the most of it. We went to the PICASSO Museum, and guys..the line was 1000 times longer than in front of the Pedrera. We literally stand there for 2 hours. I’m the most impatient person, so maybe you can imagine how hard it was for me. After 2 hours, we finally made it inside the museum and strolled through the rooms and explored all the pictures.

we also visited la boqueria

I enjoyed our trip to Barcelona very much. We've had so much fun and we saw so many places of the city and I loved it. Have YOU ever been to this wonderful city? If yes, what did you love the most?  I would immediately go there again if I had the chance. <3