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Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

SPRING love. | Mood booster. | Motivation.

"Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going."

1.  MOVE !

Chillin' on your couch, browsing through instagram, facebook, just checking some e-mails? It's not surprising that you have no motivation, so stop! Spring has begun - the sun is out, days are longer. So many reasons and opportunities to get your ass off your couch and move.It doesn't have to be sports or high intense workouts to feel better. Start with small and easy changes. WALK to the supermarket. Get out a train station earlier and WALK. WALK your dog. Don't have a dog? Go for a walk anyway. Do a short workout at home.

2 personal tips for you:
1. runtastic. I mentioned the app in my April favorites post, so go check it out if you want to know more about the features it has to offer. Since I downloaded the app, I go running regularly. In the morning or in the evening. I have to say that morning runs are a great way of starting your day and you instantly feel better because you "achieved" something. The picture above is from my latest morning run by the way. ;) (

2. Planning. If you're a workaholic or if you're stressed because you have an important test coming up, PLAN. With "planning" I mean oranising all of your work and to to lists and therefore planning your free time. This makes it easier to plan a little road trip, walks or picnics on the weekend. 



The majority of people are planning on getting fitter and starting a healthier lifestyle this year. If you want a long-term change in your life you have to understand, that it's 20% sport and exercise and 80% nutrition. Adjusting your current lifestyle with small steps is the most important thing. You should SLOWLY get into the changes you'd want to do and goals you'd want to achieve. For example: No chocolate for a week, no fast food for a month, a light dinner instead of pasta or potatoes. As soon as you manage to follow one of those "goals" you'll see how easy it is, so NO RUSH.

2 personal tips for you:
1. Smoothies. I know it became such a cliche nowadays, but they're absolutely delicious. Not only they are delicious but they can be customized so easily. Don't like the taste of cucumber in your smoothie? Use spinach instead. Can't stand a specific fruit? Use another one. There are 10000 variations and something for everyone.

2. Lemon water. A preparation that takes 3 minutes and is a brilliant way to start your day right? Oh yes. Boil your water (or don't, cold water is good as well), cut your lemons and ....finished?! YES, and you will start doing this when I tell you how many benefits it has. A boost for you immune system and energy. Good for your skin and breath. Make it a part of your daily routine!


I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that. When you are hearing a good song that you love, it instantly lifts your mood. I'm one of those who never leaves the house without headphones in their ears. Particularly during long car or train rides. Then, music is a MUST. So, why not include it in your daily routines too? It is hard for you to get up in the morning? Set your favorite song as your alarm. Couch potatoe? Put on your favorite playlist and start working out. Even cleaning, cooking, doing your make up. Music makes everything more fun.

2 personal tips for you:
1. Spotify. Shouldn't sound new to you if you are a music lover. ;) You'll find thousands of different playlists. Workout, oldies, charts, relax, car rides....and so on. :)

2. Here are a few of my current favorite songs that boost my mood everytime.
- Want to want me - Jason Derulo (
- Up - Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato (
- When I Find Love Again - James Blunt (
- Hopping Fences - Jordin Jae (

Are you planning on buying something in the future? Any items on your wishlist? Even if your answer is no : saving money is always a good idea. Back to "wishlist". It's more efficient than you think. If you're thinking about buying something, write it down. One or two weeks later - read it again! Do you still want it? Great, then buy it ;)  Recently, I found so many things in my room where I just thought. "Why on earth did you buy that"? On the other hand, there are those, where I'm convinced that it was definitely worth the investment. A list could prevent the "Why on earth did I spent money on that" thought. ;)

2 personal tips for you:
1. Coins. I'm keeping every cent in my wallet until I clean out all of the bills, tickets etc. I've got a little box where I then store all of my 10c,5c,2c, and 1c. After a month or so, it is packed.Then, I take it to the bank and it is a surprise everytime. You wouldn't believe how much it really is in the end.

2. Weekly. My second tip kind of goes alongside with the first one. While putting the little coins of your wallet into the box, why not also put 1€-2€ in it each week? The surprise at the end of the month will be even bigger.

5. DAYDREAM a little bit.

Distraction and thoughts fading during work or school? No, thats not what I mean. When you find yourself getting a little bit stressed, tired or depressed rethink memories. It can totally lift your motivation and happiness. Remember the last day, last week, last party you went to or your last vacation. Maybe it raises your anticipation about something thats happening in the future. Go through old photo albums or watch old family videos. I'm sure there are a lot of good memories that will guide your mind off your current situation. :)

Nope, not your hair , wardrobe or make up. But, if those things are mood booster for you, just go for it. What I mean: surroundings! Your room, workspace, apartment, house, car. A change of scene with just little things can do a lot. For example: Flowers, new and fresh bed sheets, new pillows, new pictures on your wall (maybe photos with friends or motivational quotes), rearranging your room. I'm sure there are so much more possibilities to freshen up your surroundings.

For many people "tidying" is the most boring thing in the world. It's something they're always postponing. A larger mess ensures dissatisfaction. But - it doesn't always have to be a burden. Me personally, I am a little freak concerning cleaning. It's not boring or stressful for me at all. The feeling after everything's done and clean  instantly makes me feel motivated and happy. I don't know about you, but there are some ways to make it a lot more enjoyable experience.

2 personal tips for you.
1. Music. What more do I have to say? ;)

2. Time. It totally depends on you. Are you more active and motivated in the mornings? Maybe wake up half an hour earlier and tidy up a little bit. I think already waking up to a tidy room is more pleasant than doing everything in the morning so maybe the evenings suit you better? What is important: don't do ALL at once. A full day of cleaining and tidying can indeed be a stressful day. Day by day. Step by step.

Sometimes, when everyhing gets a little bit too much you have to find time to relax. With "switch off" I certainly mean your phone. Turn it off, silent or on flight mode. When getting text messages and emails every 5 minutes, how can someone clear their mind and relax? "Switching off" doesn't always mean that you have to sit in your room all by yourself and do yoga or meditate. Not at all. Here, it also depends on you. Are you enjoying time alone or do you like having always someone around you?

1 personal tip for you.
1. What I can recommend is: do something you really enjoy doing. Running, reading, drawing, doing yoga, cooking, watching TV, meeting a friend, drinking tea or coffee. Something you're passionate about definitely helps you to clear your mind and to feel better.

Then, DO it. I'm sure you've heard about "Bucketlists". A list of things someone wants to do and experience before they die. I think I started one some time ago, but I just find the idea of it really cool. Even if you don't have such a list I'm sure there is SOMETHING you always wanted to do. Trying out a new recipe? Signing up for a workout class? Visiting a city? Learning an instrument? Going to a concert? Most of the things are so not out of reach and easy to arrange. Everytime you do/try something for the first time it gives you a good feeling and it even motivates you to do things like that more often.  


My last tip for you is the one I'm very passionate about. Travelling is such a great enrichtment. How can't it be an ideal motivation for you? I'm lucky for seeing so many places and cities already, but that's far not enough for me. There are still a lot of cities I want to see and just the thought of maybe going there one day gives me a positve thought. Planning an upcoming vacation is a brilliant mood booster. Even the time between booking and waiting for the time to pass is motivational because your anticipation is so big. :)

Hopefully, I could inspire you to integrate one or two of the points above in your current situaton or lifestyle. :)

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

What I love at the moment. | APRIL 2015.

" The  more  you  love  your  decisions, the  less you  need  others  to  love  them. " 


Spring definitely arrived and said hello this month! This makes me so happy since it's my favorite season. It feels kind of like a "new beginning" to me, because a lot changes. Beautiful flowers blossom, the clock's are changing, warmer temeratures, you can (finally) wake up to sunshine and not the dark, outdoor restaurants and cafés are opening...etc. Somehow you want to adjust yourself to spring - colorful clothes and scents, bright colors in your room, being more active and eat healthy food.  I also found myself shopping for new bits in DEPOT.
Sometimes a new update can do wonders. :) 

If this weather doesn't motivate you to go outside I don't know what will.... <3

I haven't been the most passionate runner ever but this month I heard someone talking about the app "Runtastic". I've known it for a long time, but never really used it. This time I downloaded it and instantly planned to go out for a run with my sister. Although it wasn't too long (which probably is quite normal when it's your first run after 100 years ;)) but the feeling afterwards was great. So I decided to go for a second run the following week and (maybe it was just imagination) but it didn't felt as exhausting as the first one. I think while running you can qickly feel little improvements. (so motivating! ). And as you can see on the pictures, the weather was perfect!!

I have to say, this app is extremly motivating. You can see: burned calories, the distance, the time, your route, and you can attach pictures from your run. It automatically sends you an email when you finished your run. Of course, you can turn off the automatical email if it annoys you, but I have to say it doesn't annoy me at all - it motivates me even more to improve my last run again and again :) I can highly recommend it.

 D E C O R

It is known that plants have a great impact on living and work spaces. Positive effects , more efficiency & concentration, good for body and soul. Those things all sound very nice and interesting, but never encuraged me to buy any plants for my room. After spotting some really beautiful pictures of individual work spaces I somehow got more inspiration and decied to finally get some greens in my room. I chose a cactus - I really liked this one and it's also easy to maintain (as far as I know :P). I thought that maybe it would be quite unnecessary, but I have to confess it really jazzes up my work table - quite an eyecatcher. :) 
cactus & vase - OBI

plant & ceramic tin - DEPOT (% SALE! :D)

beach sign - DEPOT (maybe already summer feeling? :))

La nuit Trésor - Lancôme
I'm someone who "needs" (wants.. ;)) a new scent when seasons change. I've got my all- time favorites like Chloé or Sí by Armani, but then I somehow need something new. I LOVE it when a specific scent reminds me of a vacation or a special time of the year!! Who feels the same way?  :)  It was quite hard choosing a new scent this time because I couldn't find anything "worth" buying because nothing really impressed me. I was about to buy a new Sí by Armani, as I discovered the la nuit trésor fragrance by Lancôme. It smells a lot like vanilla orchid , incense, papyru, quite oriental and it's very long lasting. Personally, I feel like it is similar to Sí by Armani. LOVE IT.

That would be it with my favorites for April. I hope the weather keeps getting better and better throughout this month. :) If you are familiar with some of the things I listed above, and maybe also been loving let me know and share some experiences! ;)

Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

3 days BUDAPEST.

BUDAPEST. Capital and largest city of Hungary. Divided into Buda and Pest. Beautiful architecture and streets. More or less I knew about this city when we arrived.

13:00 : We travelled to Budapest by train (Budapest Kéleti) and bought a metro ticket to go to our Hotel. A single ticket costs 350 HUF (~ 1,20€). The metro system in Budapest is easy to understand and you can get around very fast. After arriving at our hotel, we explored the neighbourhood a bit. We saw a lot of cool restaurants and cafés we wanted to check out. We decided to walk along the big shopping street, where we discovered a little market. The only shop we were excited to go was Stradivarius because we already knew the others from our hometown. 
Afterwards we walked along the Danube River and crossed the Kettenbrücke. On this side you have the opportunity to go on the Burgberg by the funicular railway called Budavári Sikló. We decided to walk (because we were so motivated…..:P) On the top you have a beautiful view over the city. As we went along we discovered a little “village” with many restaurants, cafés, museums and churches.

view from our balcony (Hotel Bastion)
Our hotel was located in a small street, therefore it was very peaceful. We were also very lucky to have a little balcony. The room was bright and the furniture was very modern and elegant. We felt very comfortable in our room.

little market


20:00: After our little adventure on Burgberg we decided to go to an Italian restaurant. ( La Coppola) The pizzas there were so delicious!!! 

nightlife Budapest - Gozsdu udvar (several bars to check out)

For our second day (Sunday) we planned a boat tour. Before, we went back to the shopping street and the market (both opened on Sunday – which is cool). We finally bought a “Baumkuchen” – you can choose between a lot of flavours (coconut, cinnamon, citrus and vanilla). It costs about 1000 HUF, which isn’t expensive at all. At the market, they made it fresh and you could see how it’s made. It was very tasty. We couldn’t eat all at once, so we basically had a delicious snack for our boat tour. The weather was perfect. In the beginning we had sunshine but then it got cloudy. BUT it didn’t rain, which was the most important thing . Afterwards, we went on the Gellértberg to get another beautiful view over the city.
Kürtöskalacs (Baumkuchen) Citrus

welcome drink - champagne

...and coffee :)

on top of Gellértberg

On our last full day we went to Gellért Thermal Bath. It kind of disappointed us, because we are used to our thermal baths in Austria. The architecture is amazing but the swimming pools, hygiene and offers were disappointing. We expected a little bit more. Thank god, we also booked a massage – it was very relaxing!! 
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called “Vintage Garden”. The atmosphere and decoration was absolutely amazing and beautiful. Exactly the decoration I love. The food was delicious and our dessert (Vintage Garden Chocolate Cake) was a brilliant ending.

restaurant: Vintage Garden
All in all, Budapest is a beautiful city. You can really see similarities between Budapest and Vienna, mostly in architecture and historical buildings. The prices (food, metro) are very fair compared to Vienna. The best way to get around and to see hidden beautiful places of the city is definitely walking. We've had beautiful, enjoyable and funny 3 days in Budapest. :)