Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2014

POSTCARDS. selfmade design.

Lately, I've been might sound a bit lame to some, but I just love these cards with motivational or funny quotes on it (doesn't matter where they're from)- so I started thinking about designing on my own.

I can't walk past any postcards in a homeware shop or anywhere else - honestly, my collection is growing and growing, but it's not stopping me from getting more of them ;) Some might think it's an crazy obsession, but as a creative person you just wanna see art and beauty in the smallest and simplest things. I love designing in general, so I sat down and let my creativity run wild. I really like how they turned out so take a look if you want!

Enjoy. :)
but first, coffee.

make art.make out.make love.

believe you can and you're halfway there.

it's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days.

don't expect to see change if you don't make one.

choose to be optimistic - it feels better.

I'm aware that you can find quotes like that all over the internet, I really wanted to focus on the design.  One reason why I started this is because collecting cards like that is a hobby and a passion of mine. The other reason would be that such sayings can really motivate me no matter when,where or why. Sport, university or life in general. When you're having a bad day, or you're in a bad mood often little things can make you feel better and help you see the positive in the situation.

If you have a personal favorite quote, I'd love to read them in the comments!! :) xx

Montag, 3. November 2014

AUTUMN spirit. | recipes | new discoveries.

Recipe: Cocoberry- Smoothie

All you need
Buttermilk or yoghurt
Almond milk or normal milk
Coconut flakes
1. add in 1/2 cup of almondmilk and 1/2 cup of buttermilk
2. add the fruits 1 cup of blackberries and 1 cup fruits of your choice (bananas,strawberries)
3. last step- add cinnamon (depends on how much you like it ;)) and coconut flakes
you could also add in nuts or dates.

I also used some of the coconut flakes for decoration :) the smoothie is absolutely delicious and filling!! with the cinnamon flavour it's also perfect for autumn and winter. a touch of Christmas feeling! <3

FOOD must-haves  + healthy snack idea.

Fruits always are a must-have in the kitchen. I think there isn't any fruit I don't like. Especially when it get's colder you should eat a lot of fruits because of all the vitamines, minerals and anti-oxidants. They can help your body to prevent diseases and keep you healthy. Right now, I'm obsessed with plums and pears. Apples, dates and figs are also great and delicious autumnal fruits.

If you are craving sugar after a meal or in the evening fruits are the best alternative to chocolate, cake or cookies. I'll show you one of my favorite combination.

just cut 1 apple into pieces

and sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top.

not much effort but extremely delicious and healthy. 

FASHION must-haves + new discoveries.

of course - cosy warm sweathers and hoodies.

I recently discovered two new magazines. The first one is called "flow". Firstly, the cover really caught my attention with it's cute design. I also find the articles very interesting. Ideas, inspiration & advice - really cool, something for everyone. The next one is "couch". It's simple a home and fashion magazine. You are getting inspired for decoration, DIY's, fashion and beauty products. My last discovery is probably my most loved one - it's the book "the five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom. I can't really describe how impressed I am by this book. He writes about a man and his personal story and impressions after he dies. In heaven he meets five people from his past who help him understand the meaning of his life. Absolutly worth reading !!!

I hope I could inspire you a little bit with my ideas and discoveries I showed you in this post. If you also have some delicious smoothie or snack recipes, feel free to leave them in a comment below! :) 

Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014

AUTUMN love.

  AUTUMN love.


Although, it's a very hard decision to make, I can say that autumn is my favorite season. Despite the weather - because it's not too warm and not too cold- there are a lot more things that I really love about that season. Fashion, decoration, food and lifestyle.I have my personal favorites in each category.

D E C O R A T I O N. One of my absolute favorite things to do is decorating. Of course I don't want to spend an awful lot of money to redecorate my whole room, but I love finding some bits-and-bobs to make my room feel a little more autumnal. For example - pillow cases in warm and mellow colours, many candles with vanilla and ginger scents, comfortable and soft blankets etc.

brown pillow with pattern (H&M), orange pillow (mömax)
F A S H I O N. First of all, warm and cozy jumpers and pyjamas. Who doesn't love a chilled evening at home or even a whole day just in your favorite pyjamas? I definitely do! A chilled evening wouldn't be perfect without warm socks. I couldn't live without them during autumn and winter. When you can finally convince yourself to go outside in the cold, you can wear fashionable jackets and coats.

L I F E S T Y L E. I love watching series all the time, but in autumn I become a real junkie. I get addicted and I love discovering new series. Recently I started Sex and the city (hilarious!! I love it), Breaking Bad (because it seems to me that everyone in the world is watching it, but me! :P)  and series like Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl never bore me so I can watch them all over again 100 times. ;) When I find the time I love having a pamper evening. Having a bath - quite recently I bought my first LUSH products (amazing!) - while reading a book or a magazine, putting on a face know just all the girly stuff- but I really love doing that once in a while. It's so relaxing and I really need that sometimes.

Yankee Candle - Honey Glow. <3

F O O D. This category couldn't be left out. I'm a tea lover, and in this case I also have my favorite teas in autumn. While I prefer green teas all year around, I also love fruit and sweeter teas during autumn. Autumn time is hot chocolate time. I love drinking hot chocolate when it's cold outside and you want to warm up a little bit. Autumn and winter is the time where you shouldn't have a bad conscience while eating delicious cookies or cake. Chocolate cookies, gingerbread, cupcakes, apple pie - who can resist to that? I can't! :) 

3 of my favorite teas.

beautiful autumn morning.

I really wanted to share some of my autumnal favorites with you and I hope that you'll also share some of yours in the comments below! :)

Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

What I love at the moment. | SEPTEMBER 2014 | London edition.

This month, I owe many favorites to my London journey. One thing this city is known for is : shopping!!! I honestly tried to hold me back sometimes when going shopping but there were also times where I thought "this will be a great memory of your time here", so I persuaded myself.
Especially in Brighton. Can't describe the cuteness of the little shops in the Lanes. Lovely decoration and homeware as far as the eye can reach. If there wouldn't have been the problem with my only 23kg baggage I would've gone crazy in there. But two really sweet things could come with me to Vienna. :)

Otherwise, I loved going shopping in supermarkets there (Sainsbury, Wholefoods...) because they have really delicious stuff and a wide range of products (especially healthier versions, which is very nice!!). So I also brought some products I really liked during my stay in London with me.

jewellery holder - shop in Brighton.
necklaces from: Bershka( I think..) - Swarovski - Topshop - H&M - H&M - Primark

loved wearing these, both: day and night!

rings from - middle: Topshop, - side: River Island

georgeous little box from a shop in Brighton. "enjoy the little things"

I store my watches in there.

Giorgio Armani perfume "" (this scent will remind me of London everytime!!)

little booklet "MINDFULNESS" from a bookshop on Brick Lane

Popcorn - Granola and most delicious TEA.<3

I'm not exaggerating, this is the BEST popcorn on earth!!! coul've brought 1000 bags with me.

favorite bag, wore it everyday since I bought it. (H&M ~30€)

prepared for autumn and winter!! soooo cozy scarves (Camden market - Pull & Bear)

What have your favorites been this month? Are you also looking forward to autumn like me? Cozy DVD evenings, hot chocolate, tea, gingerbread, colorful leaves everywhere, big warm scarves, Halloween, lovely candles and much more....can't wait !!! <3

Dienstag, 30. September 2014

REFLECTIONS of my journey. | Collecting moments.

One month London is over now. London is a fantastic city and I LOVE it. Before I came to London this September, I have been there one time and I was fascinated by the impressions I could make for the 5 days. Several months later, I decided that I wanted to spend a time out of my hometown and at the same time improve my English for my studies. It wasn’t a very difficult decision for me to choose the city - London. After doing some research, organizing and booking, it was official: London, here I come. Since I already reported about my individual experiences during my journey in my last posts, this should be a general reflection of my weeks.  

London definitely is a crazy, diverse and crowded city. It has such a strong identity whilst having millions of different identities. You can find a mix of people with different backgrounds. I was happy to meet a lot of new people through my school (EF- International Language Centre). The thought of knowing that every day will be different with new people and new experiences was just great. London surprises you every day. This is the one side of the city – if you want to experience and party 24/7 everything is on your doorstep. If you prefer a more peaceful lifestyle, like going to the theatre, exhibitions or just enjoying walks on one of London’s many beautiful parks then it’s easy to achieve as well. It’s so nice to just walk around and discover new things about different areas. Once you know your way around the feeling of getting asked for direction and actually knowing the answer is absolutely cool. I could really feel how comfortable and more confident I got during my time there.

Let’s talk about food for a moment. Whatever type of food you want, you’ll find it! Seriously, it’s hard resisting all the good food everywhere. For example: markets. So many markets. I’m glad I could visit a lot of them. There’s always something going on. The different stalls offer something for everyone: food, clothes, art. Must see- must  be!  You have so many options in London and  I think you could find a new thing to do every day for the rest of your life.

What’s so fantastic about London is that those places and historical buildings are around you every day. It can make your walk to work or college so fascinating. ( I mean, I’m easy to impress, but the bus drive over Waterloo bridge with this view of Big Ben to the right and London Bridge to the left was just lovely!!) 

All in all, London has been such a great experience for me. This month literally flew by. A day after my arrival in my hometown, I wanted to go back. I’m sure London is not for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to find out. I’m so happy that I took this opportunity. Living in the capital city of the UK is something that a lot of people aspire to do and after this month it’s clearly on my mind. Even if living in another country might be a little bit far-reaching for now but I’m absolutely playing with the thought of going back very soon. And I’m sure this won’t be a decision I’ll regret.