Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

What I love at the moment. | SEPTEMBER 2014 | London edition.

This month, I owe many favorites to my London journey. One thing this city is known for is : shopping!!! I honestly tried to hold me back sometimes when going shopping but there were also times where I thought "this will be a great memory of your time here", so I persuaded myself.
Especially in Brighton. Can't describe the cuteness of the little shops in the Lanes. Lovely decoration and homeware as far as the eye can reach. If there wouldn't have been the problem with my only 23kg baggage I would've gone crazy in there. But two really sweet things could come with me to Vienna. :)

Otherwise, I loved going shopping in supermarkets there (Sainsbury, Wholefoods...) because they have really delicious stuff and a wide range of products (especially healthier versions, which is very nice!!). So I also brought some products I really liked during my stay in London with me.

jewellery holder - shop in Brighton.
necklaces from: Bershka( I think..) - Swarovski - Topshop - H&M - H&M - Primark

loved wearing these, both: day and night!

rings from - middle: Topshop, - side: River Island

georgeous little box from a shop in Brighton. "enjoy the little things"

I store my watches in there.

Giorgio Armani perfume "" (this scent will remind me of London everytime!!)

little booklet "MINDFULNESS" from a bookshop on Brick Lane

Popcorn - Granola and most delicious TEA.<3

I'm not exaggerating, this is the BEST popcorn on earth!!! coul've brought 1000 bags with me.

favorite bag, wore it everyday since I bought it. (H&M ~30€)

prepared for autumn and winter!! soooo cozy scarves (Camden market - Pull & Bear)

What have your favorites been this month? Are you also looking forward to autumn like me? Cozy DVD evenings, hot chocolate, tea, gingerbread, colorful leaves everywhere, big warm scarves, Halloween, lovely candles and much more....can't wait !!! <3

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