Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Sunday HIKE. | Lainzer Tiergarten. | Outfit

" The only limits in life are the ones you make. "

As you can probably tell, it has been a beautiful sunny Sun-day. ;) The weather was absolutely perfect for a hike. In Vienna you probably have hundreds of possibilities to escape to the countryside and go for long and quiet runs if you like. One has to be the Lainzer Tiergarten.

A piece of our Wienerwald - which is located on the outskirts of the city. You can relax, have some adventures and explore the nature at the same time. As a nature reserve you can also find animals there. Birds (of course), reptiles and amphibians and wildlife (deers, wild boar).

It has been a while since I've visited, so I thought: now, it's the time. I went there with my little sister and we've had a lovely day. Of course we documented our little hike - enjoy the photos. :) 


sports pants - H&M

no idea why I wanted to climb this....failed anyway.. haha

sports bra - H&M

I hope you've all had a lovely and sunny weekend. :)

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

SWING KITCHEN. | Swing to vegan. | Vienna.

For the most time in my life, I have been eating mostly vegetarian, I wasn't a great meat eater at all. I have been raised that way. At such a young age it is impossible to understand every aspect about it neither the reasons behind it. As I grew older (during the last four years in particular) I thought about what I'm really eating and what is good for my body. I lived by a healthy "diet" without extreme restricitons. I was happy and I felt good with it. Lately, I started getting highly interested in veganism. I now live about 70% vegan. I didn't do it overnight, it happened step by step. It is definitely NO restricting and NO quitting on any good food (as many people would call it). One should personally choose a vegan nutrition and see (& feel) the positive effects for themselves. :)

This leads me to my actual blog post today. A restaurant review. I strolled through instagram and found the "Swing Kitchen" in Vienna (Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 Wien). Irene and Charly Schillinger are running the vegan burger restaurant. SWING TO VEGAN is their motto. Other great concepts of them are : Fair trade, fair wages and no plastic used! The Swing Kitchen offers vegan burgers, awesome sides (pommes, vegan nuggets, onion rings, salad), wraps, fairtrade coffee, refreshing drinks and vegan sweets.

Sounds absolutely amazing to me!! And now that I've done my research I'll go and have a look by myself. I'm so excited. :) Can't wait to report.

You order at the register and wait till your food is ready - we waited about 4-6 minutes :)
I loved their interior! Simple and modern.

we ordered the "Swing Burger" menu (+fries and drink)
It was very tasty and we definitely had a full stomache afterwards.:P I'm not so sure if the Swing Burger would be my favorite - so I'm looking forward on trying an other one soon!! :)

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

What I love at the moment. | JULY 2015.

" Be happy - it drives people crazy. "

This month has not only been extremely hot in Vienna - it has also been a pretty stressful month. If you're following my blog a little, you might have noticed that I'm currently in the process of MOVING! Therefore I have (of course) a " decor - part" here in this favorites post. ENJOY! :) 
Starting off with - DRINKS. Yes, I kind of found a "new love". Iced coffee. Okay, iced coffee in general hasn't been a new thing for a coffee lover like me, but I never really made one at home. So, (inspired by a friend of mine) I gave it a go, and I can say - its 100 times more refreshing and awakening than a normal cup of coffee. Especially with my soy milk (so much better than normal milk!!!) it tastes so yummy.

Honestly, I couldn't be bothered putting on make up when it's 36° outside. BUT an alternative for a heavy foundation would be a BB cream. I tried out the BB Cream (coloured beauty balm) by KIKO a while ago and I really like the effect. It definitely doesn't feel as heavy as a foundation. 

so cool - at first it has a creamy beige color and then it adjusts to your skin tone.

Next - I finally used my (Douglas) voucher and bought my first mac lipstick & lip liner. At first I did some research and watched some youtube videos on which colour would be the best or the prettiest. ( I personally feel more comfortable than be advised in a shop sometimes haha...) In the end I bought the lipstick "FAUX" - a nice natural color.
Last but not least - an eye-shadow pallet. It's the NUDE Pallet by Maybelline. I like EVERY color of it - and this is quite rare with me haha. This pallet is supposed to be very very popular and it was sold out quite quickly.

 Here are 2 items of my H&M Home purchase. First, a decor tablet /tray. I'm not sure what's the right name for it, but I'll put it on my couch table and put some candles or magazines on it! :) and of course : COPPER style. <3

 What's your favorite item/food/drink this month? :)

Montag, 13. Juli 2015

My personal MOVING journey. | Umzug. 2015



This post should give you short information what I've planned for my blog the next month. Because MOVING is a pretty big milestone in my life (or life in general) I decided to capture and document it. If you've already experienced a "moving process" you'll understand how exciting and at the same time exhausting and stressful it can be. For a big decoration and furnishing lover like me - this will be a terrific and special journey for me. The decor buying and planning has already begun, but I'm not even halfway there how I want my new flat to look like. In the following, I will tell you what I have in mind for decorating and styling, where I want to shop for it and my plans for following posts during my move. 

If you're interested and maybe thinking about taking the moving path soon keep going and tell me in the comments below what you'd like to see while I'm moving! :) 

What is your imagination of the style for your new home? (Inspiration)
 As a "little" Pinterest-Freak ( you know that no matter what, you'll find inspiration for EVERYTHING. Perfect for getting some decoration ideas. When I'm thinking about my future flat (particularly the living room and bed room) I want bright colours!! A lot of white and some yellow/turquoise/grey details. I'm loving this colour combination right now. What I'm also loving: copper details!!! I'll show you some pictures who work as a guideline for me.
Where are you going to shop?
My go-to shops for buying decor are: DEPOT (, Mömax ( and H&M Home ( 

DEPOT sells decor items, tableware and a lot of DIY utensils. The SALE there is absolutely amazing sometimes. You can find true treasures. 

Go to Mömax when you are also planning on buying the "basics" like: cutlery, plates, cups..etc. they have adorable offers. You can also find furniture, carpets, lamps and the price level is a tiny bit above IKEA. 

Now my favorite: H&M Home. A lot of people didn't even know that H&M offers homeware and decoration. (It's kind of like Zara Home but way less expensive). I love the style there. You have the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bed room department and each of them has absolutely georgeous items. Literally this moment, my second H&M (home) delivery arrived!!! YAY. 

Sneak peak?

Stay tuned for the next steps of my moving journey!! :)

Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

Summer SMOOTHIE-BOWL. | Peach-Berry-Lime.

Right now - the weather in Vienna is going crazy (30° - rain - thunder - 20° - and 30° again). I don't know about you, but during summer, I prefer light dishes/snacks. One of my favorite fruits right now are: peaches! (and nectarines). They're so delicious. So, I tried them out in a smoothie recipe and it turned out so delicious. :) The best thing about smoothie bowls is - you can top it with whatever you like. Banana, coconut flakes, nuts...etc.

Momentan spielt das Wetter in Wien echt verrückt (30 Grad - Regen - Gewitter - 20 Grad - und wieder Hitze). Ich weiß ja nicht wie es euch geht, aber während dem Sommer bevorzuge ich leichte Gerichte/Snacks. Zu meinen Lieblingsfrüchten zählen momentan die Pfirsiche (und Nektarinen). So lecker. Also habe ich einmal versucht sie in ein Smoothie- Rezept zu integrieren und es ist wirklich super lecker geworden. Übrigens - die Möglichkeit seine Smoothie Bowl zu toppen mit was man will ist einfach das Beste. Bananen, Kokosflakes, Nüsse...etc.

Ingredients | Zutaten
1 cup coconut water - 1 Tasse Kokosnusswasser
1 cup frozen berries - 1 Tasse gefrorene Beeren
2 - 3 peaches - 2 - 3 Pfirsiche
Ginger - Ingwer
1/2 lime - 1/2 Limette
(for more sweetness: 1/2 banana - für mehr Süße: 1/2 Banane)

ENJOY - einfach genießen ;)