Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015

SWING KITCHEN. | Swing to vegan. | Vienna.

For the most time in my life, I have been eating mostly vegetarian, I wasn't a great meat eater at all. I have been raised that way. At such a young age it is impossible to understand every aspect about it neither the reasons behind it. As I grew older (during the last four years in particular) I thought about what I'm really eating and what is good for my body. I lived by a healthy "diet" without extreme restricitons. I was happy and I felt good with it. Lately, I started getting highly interested in veganism. I now live about 70% vegan. I didn't do it overnight, it happened step by step. It is definitely NO restricting and NO quitting on any good food (as many people would call it). One should personally choose a vegan nutrition and see (& feel) the positive effects for themselves. :)

This leads me to my actual blog post today. A restaurant review. I strolled through instagram and found the "Swing Kitchen" in Vienna (Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 Wien). Irene and Charly Schillinger are running the vegan burger restaurant. SWING TO VEGAN is their motto. Other great concepts of them are : Fair trade, fair wages and no plastic used! The Swing Kitchen offers vegan burgers, awesome sides (pommes, vegan nuggets, onion rings, salad), wraps, fairtrade coffee, refreshing drinks and vegan sweets.

Sounds absolutely amazing to me!! And now that I've done my research I'll go and have a look by myself. I'm so excited. :) Can't wait to report.

You order at the register and wait till your food is ready - we waited about 4-6 minutes :)
I loved their interior! Simple and modern.

we ordered the "Swing Burger" menu (+fries and drink)
It was very tasty and we definitely had a full stomache afterwards.:P I'm not so sure if the Swing Burger would be my favorite - so I'm looking forward on trying an other one soon!! :)


  1. I haven't heard about it before but it sounds very interesting! I'll check it out sometime :)

    1. Me neither! Found out about it just a month ago on Instagram and was very curious ;) you should definitely check it out! xx