Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

3 days BUDAPEST.

BUDAPEST. Capital and largest city of Hungary. Divided into Buda and Pest. Beautiful architecture and streets. More or less I knew about this city when we arrived.

13:00 : We travelled to Budapest by train (Budapest Kéleti) and bought a metro ticket to go to our Hotel. A single ticket costs 350 HUF (~ 1,20€). The metro system in Budapest is easy to understand and you can get around very fast. After arriving at our hotel, we explored the neighbourhood a bit. We saw a lot of cool restaurants and cafés we wanted to check out. We decided to walk along the big shopping street, where we discovered a little market. The only shop we were excited to go was Stradivarius because we already knew the others from our hometown. 
Afterwards we walked along the Danube River and crossed the Kettenbrücke. On this side you have the opportunity to go on the Burgberg by the funicular railway called Budavári Sikló. We decided to walk (because we were so motivated…..:P) On the top you have a beautiful view over the city. As we went along we discovered a little “village” with many restaurants, cafés, museums and churches.

view from our balcony (Hotel Bastion)
Our hotel was located in a small street, therefore it was very peaceful. We were also very lucky to have a little balcony. The room was bright and the furniture was very modern and elegant. We felt very comfortable in our room.

little market


20:00: After our little adventure on Burgberg we decided to go to an Italian restaurant. ( La Coppola) The pizzas there were so delicious!!! 

nightlife Budapest - Gozsdu udvar (several bars to check out)

For our second day (Sunday) we planned a boat tour. Before, we went back to the shopping street and the market (both opened on Sunday – which is cool). We finally bought a “Baumkuchen” – you can choose between a lot of flavours (coconut, cinnamon, citrus and vanilla). It costs about 1000 HUF, which isn’t expensive at all. At the market, they made it fresh and you could see how it’s made. It was very tasty. We couldn’t eat all at once, so we basically had a delicious snack for our boat tour. The weather was perfect. In the beginning we had sunshine but then it got cloudy. BUT it didn’t rain, which was the most important thing . Afterwards, we went on the Gellértberg to get another beautiful view over the city.
Kürtöskalacs (Baumkuchen) Citrus

welcome drink - champagne

...and coffee :)

on top of Gellértberg

On our last full day we went to Gellért Thermal Bath. It kind of disappointed us, because we are used to our thermal baths in Austria. The architecture is amazing but the swimming pools, hygiene and offers were disappointing. We expected a little bit more. Thank god, we also booked a massage – it was very relaxing!! 
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called “Vintage Garden”. The atmosphere and decoration was absolutely amazing and beautiful. Exactly the decoration I love. The food was delicious and our dessert (Vintage Garden Chocolate Cake) was a brilliant ending.

restaurant: Vintage Garden
All in all, Budapest is a beautiful city. You can really see similarities between Budapest and Vienna, mostly in architecture and historical buildings. The prices (food, metro) are very fair compared to Vienna. The best way to get around and to see hidden beautiful places of the city is definitely walking. We've had beautiful, enjoyable and funny 3 days in Budapest. :)

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