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What I love at the moment. | APRIL 2015.

" The  more  you  love  your  decisions, the  less you  need  others  to  love  them. " 


Spring definitely arrived and said hello this month! This makes me so happy since it's my favorite season. It feels kind of like a "new beginning" to me, because a lot changes. Beautiful flowers blossom, the clock's are changing, warmer temeratures, you can (finally) wake up to sunshine and not the dark, outdoor restaurants and cafés are opening...etc. Somehow you want to adjust yourself to spring - colorful clothes and scents, bright colors in your room, being more active and eat healthy food.  I also found myself shopping for new bits in DEPOT.
Sometimes a new update can do wonders. :) 

If this weather doesn't motivate you to go outside I don't know what will.... <3

I haven't been the most passionate runner ever but this month I heard someone talking about the app "Runtastic". I've known it for a long time, but never really used it. This time I downloaded it and instantly planned to go out for a run with my sister. Although it wasn't too long (which probably is quite normal when it's your first run after 100 years ;)) but the feeling afterwards was great. So I decided to go for a second run the following week and (maybe it was just imagination) but it didn't felt as exhausting as the first one. I think while running you can qickly feel little improvements. (so motivating! ). And as you can see on the pictures, the weather was perfect!!

I have to say, this app is extremly motivating. You can see: burned calories, the distance, the time, your route, and you can attach pictures from your run. It automatically sends you an email when you finished your run. Of course, you can turn off the automatical email if it annoys you, but I have to say it doesn't annoy me at all - it motivates me even more to improve my last run again and again :) I can highly recommend it.

 D E C O R

It is known that plants have a great impact on living and work spaces. Positive effects , more efficiency & concentration, good for body and soul. Those things all sound very nice and interesting, but never encuraged me to buy any plants for my room. After spotting some really beautiful pictures of individual work spaces I somehow got more inspiration and decied to finally get some greens in my room. I chose a cactus - I really liked this one and it's also easy to maintain (as far as I know :P). I thought that maybe it would be quite unnecessary, but I have to confess it really jazzes up my work table - quite an eyecatcher. :) 
cactus & vase - OBI

plant & ceramic tin - DEPOT (% SALE! :D)

beach sign - DEPOT (maybe already summer feeling? :))

La nuit Trésor - Lancôme
I'm someone who "needs" (wants.. ;)) a new scent when seasons change. I've got my all- time favorites like Chloé or Sí by Armani, but then I somehow need something new. I LOVE it when a specific scent reminds me of a vacation or a special time of the year!! Who feels the same way?  :)  It was quite hard choosing a new scent this time because I couldn't find anything "worth" buying because nothing really impressed me. I was about to buy a new Sí by Armani, as I discovered the la nuit trésor fragrance by Lancôme. It smells a lot like vanilla orchid , incense, papyru, quite oriental and it's very long lasting. Personally, I feel like it is similar to Sí by Armani. LOVE IT.

That would be it with my favorites for April. I hope the weather keeps getting better and better throughout this month. :) If you are familiar with some of the things I listed above, and maybe also been loving let me know and share some experiences! ;)

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