Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

CIAO. My holiday in MILAN and RIMINI.

Buon giorno.  

I am back. And I can finally start writing blog posts again. I feel relaxed, happy and sun-kissed ;). It was a very nice family holiday in Italy. On June 27th we drove to Milan, because of the .......ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!! I bought the tickets for my sister as a christmas present and she freaked out!!! She was so happy, and so was I because I could go too. :) So, we arrived at the San Siro in Milan (a giant stadion). We had to wait for a very long time for them to arrive but it was definitely worth it. The show was AMAZING!! They were amazing!!! We really enjoyed the concert. Freaked out, sang and danced till the end. Here are some of my 1000 pictures I took at the concert, so that you can imagine how big and magnificent it really was.

Next day. After a 3 hour drive, we arrived at our hotel in Rimini. We were so happy that the weather would be good for the week. Of course, we had to go directly to the beach as soon as we arrived :) The hotel and the beach were great. Each "beach sector" had it's own style and color. I thought this was really cool. (You'll see some pictures in the end.) Short summary of our week would be: Waking up, having really yummy breakfast, going to the beach or chilling at the pool, tanning, tanning, oh and..tanning, going out for dinner and strolling along the beach or the shopping street near our hotel :) Oh and on July 4th Rimini celebrated the "Notte rosa". You could describe it as a very big beach party in pink :) So cool!! All in all, it was a super nice week and now, enjoy the photos! ;)
just chillin' on the rooftop in MILAN ;)

historic district of Rimini

I MIGHT have done a little :)

let's go to the beach each, let's go get a wave. :P

our beach sector. I love this colorful signs. :)

Pooltime. <3 
I also discovered the roof terrace of our hotel. All for myself haha
Nice dinner with pasta,pizza and sparkling wine. <3

My sister went for Gnocchi. 

...and I chose a Pizza Margherita. (it was DELISH)

little evening beach walk to take some photos.

so many of this houses in different colors. they remind me a little bit of Malibu beach. :)

just me taking a mirror selfie... :P
decorated for Notte rosa.

my outfit for Notte rosa. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post about my holiday in Italy and please leave me a comment about your holiday plans this year. Hope you are in such a big summer spirit like me. Ciaoooo. :)