Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014


 I do believe in the saying
"Every summer has it's own story"

Summer finally has arrived here in Vienna. Up to 30 degrees. Sunshine all day. I definitely love this time of the year. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Drinks get colder. Nights get longer. Life gets better :) During summertime you have so many opportunities to "organize" your leisure time with fun and at the same time - relaxing activities. I have listed you some of my favorite things to do in the summer down below. Of course, it is totally up to you if you want to enjoy them alone or with family and friends, but - who doesn't love good company? If you are a little bit lazy I now recommend you to immediately get up, get out of your room, get out of your house, enjoy the summer days and make the best of it!! ;) 

1. Discover new outdoor cafés/bars/restaurants and enjoy your cold drink.

In my opinion, a HUGO (with a lot of fresh mint and limes) on a warm summer evening is extremely refreshing. If you don't know what a Hugo is - it is basically: sparkling water, prosecco, Elderflower sirup, lime juice and mint. Fresh and sweet. My other favorite drinks would be sparkeling white wine, iced coffee or a fruit smoothie. I find it very relaxing meeting up with my friends after a long working or learning day and just chatting for a few hours while enjoying a good cup of coffee or a glass of a delicious cold drink.
The b e s t! :) In Vienna I love - Sand in the City, Tel Aviv Beach, Della Lucia, Bar Italiano, Pure Living. 

2. Organize a breakfast or brunch and enjoy it outside in the morning sun. 

Eating definitely belongs to my most favorite things to do ;) Especially breakfast. Most of the time I'm already thinking and dreaming of my breakfast the night before. (Yeah, I'm a crazy person..) So, what could be better to enjoy your breakfast (or a brunch, if you are not a morning person) together with your friends in the city outside in the sun. Breakfast + sunshine + friends = perfect combination. Me and my friends kind of started a "Breakfast Club" where we try to meet as often as possible for breakfast. We love visiting new restaurants and cafés to try out new things. We already had breakfast together at: Dommayer Café, Mario, Café Leopold and The Pure Living Bakery.

3. Make yourself a refreshing treat, grab your magazine and relax. 

I LOVE WATERMELONS. No..I am OBSESSED with them this summer.
They have so many benefits : Besides that they are the best refreshment on hot days, they boost your health esteem and have excellent levels of vitamins A, C and B6. Do you want more? I think it is a great alternative to chocolate or greasy chips if you want to have a little snack in the afternoon or in the evening.  In general, all kinds of fruits make a great snack for summer. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches...I mean, who doesn't love fruits? Just pick your favorites and you are good to go! ;) Together with your snack and your favorite magazine or book go - relax in your garden, in a park or just on your balcony and enjoy your healthy snack :)  


They both are a MUST on your summer to do list.
 I mean, who doesn't love ice cream? My personal favorites are Häagen Dasz and Ben&Jerry's. Usually, when I stand in front of the ice cream flavors it takes me forever to pick because they all sound so freaking delicious. I mean... Peanut Butter Fudge,  Cheesecake Brownie. The names alone are making me go crazy. Although, if you want to pick an healthy alternative, try Frozen Yoghurt. Iced yoghurt with some delicious toppings  (fruits, cereal, cookies, chocolate...) tastes amazing. You haven't tried frozen yoghurt yet?  - GO AND GET SOME. You won't regret it ;) In Vienna - Kurt's Frozen Yoghurt.

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