Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

What I love at the moment. | JUNE 2014.

 F A V O R I T E S.

pastel rose wallet from Milan. (10€)

Baby Lips. Cherry. So hydrating and good-smelling. (3,50€)

Amokspiel by Sebastian Fitzel. Awesome Psychothriller!!! Couldn't stop reading. (10€)

Perfect refreshment in the summer! No sugar. No calories. And so YUMMY. <3 (3€)

Parfum été - Yves Rocher. My go-to summer scent. (17€)

I'm a strawberry-addict recently. I eat them all the time. Breakfast. After lunch. Snack. <3 <3

Lipstick from KIKO. Nr. 13. Lovin´it. It is very long lasting! and the color is natural-beautiful. (6€)

sunglasses from Barcelona.(5€)

Ein ganzes halbes Jahr by Jojo Moyes. Saw it everywhere on the internet and in stores and thought...OK now I have to read it too. Just started, but already loving it. :) 


  1. Lovely post!:)Baby lips are so so good!
    Keep in touch xoxo