Dienstag, 9. September 2014

CAMDEN TOWN. | Collecting moments.

8th September

Another lovely day spent, and another wonderful area explored here in London. First, we've had a delicious lunch at the restaurant "LEON". They cook healthy fast food and offer a wide range of vegetarian,vegan, gluten free and wheat free dishes. We tried the Thai Green Chicken Curry, and it was so good. Afterwards, we walked across Millenium Bridge towards London Bridge. As we saw the Green Market on our way, Audrey decided to show me Camden Town with the Camden Market. I was totally up for it and the rest of our afternoon was great. I really liked the flair and all of the little shops and markets at Camden Market. Of course, I took a lot of pictures:)

how cool is this ice-cream van?

a lot of treats from all around the world.

we stopped at so many stalls and tried the samples, they offered :)
we enjoyed our coffee with this view!!!

yep, this is a restaurant ;)

It definitely wasn't the last time I visited Camden Market :)

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