Montag, 1. September 2014

THE JOURNEY BEGINS. | Collecting moments.

L O N D O N  C A L L I N G.

30th August.
After a last night out in Vienna with my friends I spent my day packing. Almost finished, I also met up with my best friend to say goodbye. :( In the evening I could already do an online check-in and so I got my board card. It's getting pretty serious now! :)

31st August.
Day of departure. I packed my remaining bits and pieces into my suitecase and enjoyed my last half-day at home. In a few hours I'll be at the airport and on my way to LONDON!!!!!
1st September.
Since I'm not that person that thinks "oh cool I can't wait", when it comes to flying, it was a relatively nice flight. Mostly because of this georgeous view!!! When I passed the UK Borders, my transfer was already waiting for me, which was awesome. Unfortunately we couldn't drive directly to my place, because we had to drop off two other EF-students - which would've been absolutely fine, but there has been some difficulties with our way to their host families, so our journey took us loooonger than we thought. In the end, I arrived safely in my room at midnight - which is, I think the most important thing ;)

first night
Yeah...I knew that my first night wouldn't be the best. It really wasn't. I think I slept for at least one hour. BUT the sunrise from my window was very pretty :)

1st September - first day of school.

Luckily, I met two of my room neigbours in the morning and so we could go to school together. At 9:00 our programm started. We've had a welcome talk, where we heard about the EF school in general and we introduced us to all of the other students. Afterwards, we did a oral placement test to see from which level we will start our courses. I'm very happy with my result :)) We also could choose additional courses, depending on our personal interests. I chose social skills, leadership management, busniess and communication skills. I'm looking forward to my course and in general the next few days in this beautiful, crazy city.

SEPTEMBER - surprise me.

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