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14th September
Definitely high on my "To-do list" was visiting the lovely town in the south coast of Great Britain. BRIGHTON. I've heard so much about it, and my all time favorite YouTuber lives there. Her blog and videos made me curious and I wanted to see how beautiful and cool the Brighton lifestyle really is. I couldn't wait to finally see it all by myself. I already knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. What's absolutely convenient about Brighton is, that you can explore it all by foot.

After a 5 minute walk from the train station, I arrived at "The Lanes". It's a collection of narrow lanes, famous for their small shops, cafés and alleyways. I immediately spotted one of these charming "homeware-stationery-shops", thatI really LOVE. I could spend days in there, and never get bored. Obviously, I couldn't leave without buying something. :) Stupid me thought this was the cutest shop ever, walked 5 steps further and saw a similar shop. Fact: these lanes are full of those unique little shops. My paradise. It was so nice. In every shop I thought "why can't I buy all of this glasses,mugs,boxes and pillows?" (well, maybe because I already have 10kg bagagge overweight.....:O)

While walking through the lanes I also found a food market (surprise surprise), it was the "Brighton and Hove food and drink festival". A lot of offers from different shops and restaurants in Brighton. I tried a strawberry lemonade from the "Bluebird Tea and Co." Very delicious and refreshing.

Afterwards, I made my way to the famous Brighton Pier. You could already see the ferris wheel and the sea through the little streets. It was amazing to see this beautiful city on the seaside together with the ferris wheel and the little amusement park at the end. The sun was coming through so it was warm all afternoon!

too many seagulls :o
The next station was the "Churchill Square Shopping Centre". Because of the cuteness overload at the beginning of the journey (at the Lanes) and the feeling that I, for sure haven't explored all of the little alleyways I HAD to go back. One of the mission was the "Marwood Café", one of the 1000 brilliant and cozy cafés. Unfortunately it was full so we ended up at the "Café Coho" next to the Marwood Café. Also a good choice. The iced coffee and the pie were both very tasty. Felt like explorer on the way back to the train station because again, there were so many antique shops and cafés. It's just crazy.

choccy woccydoodah - best hot chocolate!!!
angel food bakery

Café Coho

You already know how much I love London. I think it's obvious after my last posts ;). and definitely have to experience it and spend a day there to really feel how vibrant and crative it is. I'm really amazed and I can imagine spending more time there than just a day. I love little shopping streets and lanes with shops other than H&M or Topshop that you can find on every corner on Oxford Street. I wish I could go to every café and restaurant because each has it's own style and flair. Of course the sea and the Brighton Pier are the icing on the cake. ;)

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