Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

MOVING journey | sneak- peek | Interior.

 I guess the "moving journey" is coming to an end for me. I officially moved in a few weeks ago - and it feels good. There are some things that still have to be done and bought but all in all - I'm living in my own apartment.

When the "construction zone" in my flat was finally gone - the fun part began. I could plan my rooms and think about the style I'd like to decorate everything. In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about my plans and the style I was going for. [Check it out if you want.] I love to see how everything turned out in the end :) It never was my plan to copy any rooms and pictures I found online - but I put it into action my own personal way. And I love how it turned out. I will show you a little sneek-peak of my favorite room so far. (the living room). Let me know what you think. :)

pillow cases - H&M home; Mömax. Copper lamp: KIKA.
 Pillow cases:

coffee table - mömax.
Copper lamp - KIKA.

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