Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

4 SMOOTHIE recipes.

I hope everyone had a great start into 2015. Maybe already seeing benefits and goals from your new years resolutions?

In today's blog post I'll show you my 4 personal favorite smoothie recipes. I haven't loved smoothies from the beginning. Juices with berries and banana were the only ones I tried. For a while now , the hype about "Green smoothies" is going around and a lot of people seem to love it. I think everyone gets a little bit scared of by the colour. Since I tried a green smoothie for the first time I'm really loving it.

There are endless recipes of smoothies, because obviously you can mix everything you like. Berries, Apples, Mangos, Bananas - you can't go wrong with those fruits, almost every combination will taste delicious. The thing with a green smoothie is that you're not quite sure what to mix with e.g spinach or sellerie? Particulary if you haven't made one before.There is a "formula" or a "guide"  to which one can hold on.  Base (almond milk, coconut milk, water) - greens - fruits - sweetener.

  •  offer pure nutrition
  •  are quick and easy to make
  •  provide you with long lasting source of energy
  •  will keep you hydrated
here- I used water as a base.



* Berries
* Banana
* Pear
* Coconut water or milk


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