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What I love at the moment. | FEBRUARY 2015

" The only way to do great work is to love what you do. "

Time for new favorites. 
Although it is already March 10th, I wanted to share some of my new possessions I got in February - from homeware and make- up to lifestyle. In comparison to my last "FAVORITES" , this one includes a very, very special thing, that means a lot to me. :) enjoy.

DEPOT - cute little wall decoration "welcome to my little home office"

DEPOT - "Creativity is loading....."
jar from mömax - with lots of special memories since January. I also explained it in one of my last posts ;)

DEPOT - "make today absolutely amazing"
 You probably have already noticed it - I just LOVE the decor items from DEPOT.

DEPOT - wooden box "COFFEE" - I do not keep my coffee in there...;)

very special heritage - wooden box from ~1960s

 M A K E  U P

lipliner - MANHATTAN X-treme last lipliner (59Y) - beautiful, matt, long-lasting. TOP
eyelash curler H&M - rose gold.
mascara - essence "plump no clump" togehter with "they're real from benefit" = great effect.

tissues with lovely design. dm

 L I F E S T Y L E

PHOBIA by Wulf Dorn. Loved this thriller!! Read it in one week and the story was absolutely catching. It doesn't only bring excitement, but is also thought-provoking.

found this planner on www.runningonrealfood.com - perfect if you want to set goals and improve yourself.
planner from www.runningonrealfood.com - you can find a lot more planners (weekly,daily,fitness related....etc.) I find it extremely important for stressful and eventful weeks to plan everything in detail. When you write your plans down you can see what's planned for the next day and definitely won't forget any important appointments. :)

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