Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

WINTER love. | outfit. |

Today was the loveliest winter day in Vienna. Full of sunshine. I'm a person whose mood depends a loooot on the weather. There are these days - when I wake up I either can already hear the rain on my window or I look outside and see the grey and gloomy weather. In this situation I could instantly go back into my bed and stay there all day long. It's very hard to get motivated when you can feel the world goes down outside your house. Then, there are these days - where you are woken up by the sun. One of the best feelings, I think. My mood and motivation rises immediately!! 

Although, I haven't been the biggest fan of the winter the last months, I thought I'd give it a second chance. ;) So, my friend and I decided it would be a great possibility to go for a walk and take some lovely pictures. I'm lucky, that I don't live directly in the bustle of the city, but in an outlying district where I have very good subway,bus and tram connections and at the same time possibilities to escape my everyday life. I put some of the photos I've taken today down below (and also some pictures of my outfit I wore today) Enjoy :)

bag - H&M

gloves (they're black with white "BRRR..." on it ;)) from MONKI - London

coat - Pimkie, scarf - ZARA, nailpolish -  ESSIE(bikini so teeny)

black boots - F21


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