Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

NEW YEAR. 2015.

I have to say, it wasn't the best year of my life, neither the worst one. I've had wonderful moments, but also the opposite. One thing I can say for sure is that LONDON by far was the best time for me in 2014. I experienced an unbelievable and exciting month without (almost) any worries. :)

I don't see the 1st of January as a big restart in my life, like many other people. I personally think that when you really want to change and improve something in your life you would do it right NOW. So for me, especially the last 3 month were a journey of working on motivation and attitude regarding certain things. If you really want to change something and STICK to it, you don't need the 1st of a month or a Monday of a week. 

Next to some points/tasks I'd like to work on this year (which I listed below), I really want to stick to this idea: I will start this January with an empty jar and I will fill it with notes about good things that happen during the year. Then, on New Years Eve 2015,  I'll empty it and I'll see what awesome stuff happend in 2015. I think it is an great idea, that helps you remembering to really focus on the POSITIVE and to just enjoy your life to the fullest! 

1. Stay focused and disciplined while learning/working.

I'm that kind of person, that can be distracted so easily. This leads to minimal concentration and productivity - which sucks! Especially when you have two exams in one week. So, came up with tips/ideas, and I'm really trying to use them while learning.
  • Keep nothing!!! on your desk except books/notepad you need for the subject.
  • Turn off your phone and hide it somewhere (yes, in my case this has to be done haha) 
  • Organising the subject matter (although I'm an organized person I neglect that sometimes)


Getting fitter and going to the gym more often must be under the top 3 new years resolutions. But thats not what I meant for my "resolution". Personally, I haven't got that lack of motivation when it comes to fitness right now. My goal is to MAINTAIN A ROUTINE. I'd like to keep on going 3-4 times a week constantly. That means: I'll not have this routine for a month and then get demotivated for the next month. Another thing would be that my goal isn't weight loss, but rather muslce gain.

Healthy eating.

During the last 2 years I learned more and more about nutrition, diets and health benefits. I found out whats good for my body. While browsing through some blogs, I learned more about the vegan lifestyle, some vegetarian and paleo recipes. Personally, I'm mostly trying to avoid dairy products and in general exchange products with healthier options like: milk- almond milk; white bread- whole- grain bread;oil-coconut oul; sugar- agave syrup....and so on. I chose this "lifestyle" because of all the benefits you get from them : you feel fitter and more awake, you'll see a transformation on your skin, hair and body...and many more. 

Save money and travel.

What really annoys me is that whenever I got money for my birthday or Christmas, somehow most of the money was gone after a few weeks. Really don't know for what exactly, but it would've been so much better if I'd saved a little bit on every occasion. So, that has been definitely a goal for the last year and I will go on saving money whenever I possibly can. The most important reason for me is: travelling. I'd really want to see at least 2 NEW PLACES/CITIES this year. A few tipps and tasks that I have on this subject would be:
  • Put all of the little coins from your wallet in a box and empty it every other week/month.
  • Go shopping only when you really need and fancy a piece. 
  • Sell old clothes on "Kleiderkreisel".
  • Cook more and go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner at least 4 times a month.

"Do more of what makes you happy" and stop worrying too much.

I guess this one is more an attitude goal. Last year I caught myself worrying about things, that you shouldn't really worry about. This leads to overthinking and you could say "kills
the happiness". Sounds a bit depressing, but it's true I think. So, I'm trying to worry less and maybe be more spontaneous.
 What I also realised is, that I keep on thinking about something that has happened in the past (something that wasn't positive and hurt me in a certain way), which I think is totally a waste of time. You hold onto something, that doesn't exist anymore and that you can't change. So why still worry about it ? If something great happened, you have a wonderful memory. If  it was a negative experience, for me, most of the time it was a lesson and what I should do now is focus on the future and what's ahead of me instead.

I finish this blog post with this fortune cookie and- in my opinion the perfect way to start a new year.
I hope you'll manage and compete your own new year resolutions, if you set some. :)

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