Montag, 24. August 2015

MOVING journey | construction zone | Umzug 2015.

A construction zone. 
That's what I would call my flat right now. When my first post of my "moving journey" went online ( I had no idea that the process would be THAT time consuming. Of course - the moving process always takes a lot of time and is quite stressful, but we recently decided to renovate MOST of the flat. There were so many things that I didn't like the way they were or didn't look good anymore - so we decided to take care all before I finally move in. Renovating the kitchen and the bathroom two month later  would be too exhausting and complicated so - ALL AT ONCE.

I took some pictures, so that I can assure you that I'm not lying for not posting anything of my move. ;) Not the only reason of course - I thought "before & after pictures" would be a nice idea. If you have any suggestions for following posts (ideas, tipps, pictures, decoration...) leave it in the comment section below :)

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