Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

TRAVEL. I swear I lived.

Vieste, ITALY.

Life is an adventure and for me, traveling means adventure. It also means discovering. Enjoying the freedom and independence. It turns out to be a personal gain with lots of experiences. Whenever I find an opportunity to travel, I take it.

Besides all the family vacations in Italy and Carinthia, my first ever BIG journey was America. Actually, it also was the first flight of my life. My father and I booked a bus tour, where we had the chance to visit Las Vegas, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. We went to so many different places and saw a lot of California. I definitely want to go back to America at some point. Here, some of the many pictures I took during our 10 day-journey in America. 

Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA.

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA.

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA.
Biarritz, FRANCE.

During travelling you are nonbinding and ingenuous. Everything seems easier. You have conversations with other travellers and citizens; you get to know them, their plans and their story. 

I’ve learned so much about the French culture, language and cuisine during my French lessons at school. It was time for me to dispute with these things on site. My family and I did a road trip from Austria to Biarritz (located in the southwest of France).  This was the perfect opportunity to have a reflective controversy with the French places, the culture, the people and the weather. To get an idea of our trip through France, watch the pictures below.

Mallorca, SPAIN.

For me, travelling is enrichment. It lets me see life with different eyes, brings me together with other people and sometimes shows me a new side of myself. Especially when you grow older, you start traveling with friends or even on your own. I think, when you’re traveling with a friend, the vacation or trip you're making can bring you together because of all the memories and adventures. 
Below, you can see pictures from my holiday in Vieste, ITALY. This place has so many beautiful spots (e.g historic district) and a lovely beach. We also did a boat tour, which was incredible. Take a look!

Vieste, ITALY.

Rimini, ITALY.

Dublin, IRELAND.
The journey to Dublin definitely belongs to one of my favorites. I went there with my classmates. It was my first experience with taking a language course abroad and staying with a host family. Gladly, I could stay together with a very good friend of mine so we had the best time there. Dublin is such a lovely city. Of course, we also made little excursions to places outside of Dublin. Amazing! 

Semmering, AUSTRIA.
I took this picture near our place at Semmering. It's located in lower Austria and mainly a winter wonderland. In my opinion, this place also got its magical places in the summertime. You can take long relaxed walks in the woods and just enjoy the fresh air (seriously the air is amazing up there). 

Barcelona, SPAIN.
Yes, “I left my heart in so many places”. Every journey that I took, together with my family, friends or classmates has its own story. I enjoyed every single trip and tried to get as many experiences and memories as possible. Every city amazed me on its own kind of way. There are still so many places I want to see in the future and also places I want to visit again.

Travelling can give you so much. Of course all of your souvenirs, maps, tickets and photographs. It is wonderful to collect everything that comes with your journey and to browse through your memory-box after a few years. For me, these materialistic memories are the most valuable things a person could own. You can’t replace them. If they’re gone, they’re gone forever and that would be horrible.  

But it’s the memories that count the most. The memories of a wonderful trip. After a journey you’ll have your personal moments you like looking back at. Moments with your friends and family, e.g. a visit in a restaurant you just can’t forget, a lovely day at the beach where you met new people or a night out that was just unforgettable.

It’s the little moments that matter that make life wonderful. So, if you’re thinking about going somewhere and you keep telling yourself that you’re not sure or that you’re afraid. You’ll regret it someday. You’ll regret holding back, being afraid, making excuses, not taking risks, waiting.

Stop speculating and worrying. In the end, you’ll hope that you really spend your days and your journeys. They will be worth it. You should be able to say: I owned every second, I saw so many places and did so many things….and

“I swear I lived”