Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

MEMORY LANE. | Happiness. | January - June.

 "Don't forget to smile today. "

Let's take a little trip down memory lane. A few blog post ago, I mentioned a new "habit" of mine. A compliment, a conversation, an event, a photo, a song? Doesn't matter WHAT made me happy during the last 6 month, I wrote it down and put it into a jar. I started in January and I was surprised how full it actually became. Now, as half of the year is over I wanted to share some of those with you. :) (And I'm so excited to open them now!!!) I will write them down shortly and without any (too) personal details. Maybe they will motivate you to also collect little memories of your life. Enjoy! :)

-  I finished a successfull workout.

- Got invited to a prom.

- Full points on a test. 

- The sweetest birthday message from a good friend of mine who (unfortunately) lives far away.

- Cinema night with my cousin, where we spontaneously met someone and had a conversation during the whole film

- Trip to Budapest with a friend.

- Great lunch in the city. 

- A special "happy new year wish"  and an additional sweet message! <3

- Surprised a friend at his birthday party and his reaction was super sweet :D

- Productive day at uni.

- Good job interview and lunch + ice cream with two friends afterwards.

- My birthday dinner with my closest friends.

- New Year's Eve celebration.

- My first working day was really good!!

- 4km morning run and watching a sunrise.

- A compliment from my aunt.

- A beautiful winter walk with a friend + taking some pictures.

- Finally made a dentist appointment after too many years and I survived ;)

Sorry, they are not in order, but looking back I think I already made some beautiful memories this year. I wonder what the second half of the year will bring. :)

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