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Healthy Energy Bars. | Recipe.

Homemade Energy Bars

 When tasting these energy bars there will be no desire for purchasing any in supermarkets again. ;)

 During my search for a recipe for healthier energy bars (without any additives, preservatives or sweeteners) I found a lot I wanted to try out. I didn't really stick to the recipes that I found one to one, I also added some other ingredients that I liked. The end result surprised me. I honestly haven't tried such a delicious snack bar ever. It is totally variable - you can add, change or leave out some of the ingredients. The most important ones are: banana, oats, almond butter and coconut oil. 
They taste absolutely delicious and you kind of want to eat all of them at once :P 

You will need:
2 bananas
2 cups of oats
3 tbsp almond butter
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 cup nuts (of your choice)
1 cup seeds (I chose sunflower seeds)
1/2 cranberries (or raisins)

Add the coconut oil and almond butter into a pan while stiring (LOW heat!!)

Mash up the bananas and add it to the oil and butter

Keep stiring and turn off the heat (let it cool off)

chop your cranberries if you want

Add in oats and cranberries into banana mixture

Place it evenly in a baking tin

And....after 15-20 minutes in the oven (170°)....

 F I N I S H E D


E N J O Y! :)

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